Weber Q 2400 Review: Is This the Best Electric Grill?

Weber Q2400 portable electric grill on a pinkish background

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Undecided about the Weber Q 2400 electric grill?

You’ve come to the right place.

The cool thing about this grill is that you don’t need any gas or charcoal. You simply plug it in and start cooking. It’s also small and portable so you can bring it anywhere you want. Just make sure that you have electricity there.

Still not convinced yet?

Well, please continue to read this Weber Q 2400 review. I’ll do a quick overview of the grill first. Then I’ll go into the details of its build quality, performance, ease of use, available accessories, and warranty.

Hopefully at the end, all the information here can help you make the final purchase decision.


If you’re into grilling, you probably know of Weber. They’re famous for their black kettle charcoal barbecue. Weber also sells propane barbecues, pellet smokers, and electric grills.

For their electric grills, Weber only has two models — Q1400 and Q2400. Keep in mind that before 2014, they were named Q140 and Q240. Both versions still feature the same interior core. Only a few exterior designs have changed.

The Weber Q 2400 is the bigger unit between the two. It’s fully-featured yet compact and portable enough. In fact, the Q2400 is suitable for camping and tailgating. More importantly, it’s also a great purchase for those who live in condos or apartments, where there are restrictions on gas and charcoal grills.

With the Q2400, the grilling traditions, specifically with charcoal, will be absent. But beyond that, the grill is still capable of producing deliciously grilled food. Besides, you end up saving money on fuel as long as you pay your electricity bills. 


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  • Overall Dimensions: 31.5″W x 19.5″D x 14.5″H
  • Fuel: electricity
  • Color: dark grey
  • Power Source: 1560W/120V (grounded GFCI outlet)
  • Main Cooking Area: 280 square inches, no extra warming rack
  • Cooking Grid: porcelain-coated cast iron
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Material: cast aluminum body & lid; glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Cord Length: 1.8 meters or 6 foot
  • Side Shelves: no
  • Cart/Stand: no
  • Removable Grease Pan: yes
  • Built-in Thermometer: no
  • Warranty: 5 years on cookbox, heating element, lid, cooking grids, and plastic parts; 2 years on the remaining of the grill


  • Reach high temperature for high heat grilling and searing
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Great option for condo dwellers, tailgaters, and campers
  • Durable cast aluminum material
  • Never out of fuel as long as there is electricity
  • Bigger cooking area than the Q1400


  • No warming rack
  • No built-in thermometer
  • Preheating takes 20 minutes
  • Needs a tabletop or cart for comfortable cooking


Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill Review

Design & Construction

Similar to the Q1400, the Q2400 is made of cast aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. These materials aren’t going to rust away, even in the most humid environment. If you’re worried however, you can always buy a grill cover.

The aluminium lid and body feel robust. The stainless steel heating element is substantial and heavy duty. The glass-reinforced nylon (yes, that’s plastic) frame and handles are durable. Not to mention the hinge and screws are sturdy and should last for years without any problem.

The grill is also lightweight. At 44lbs, it’s not too heavy to carry the grill up a few stairs. There are also two ergonomic side handles that allow you to easily hold on to the grill. It’s even lighter if you remove the cooking grates.

Speaking of, they’re made of cast iron with porcelain coating. Though heavy, cast iron is great at conducting heat, giving your food that beautiful sear marks. The porcelain layer is there to protect the cast iron from rust and deterioration. It also makes it easy to clean the grates after cooking.

That being said, there are a couple of things that I don’t like about the design of this grill. First of all, there is no built-in thermometer in this model. Because of that, you have to get a separate one for that.

Now that we don’t have an integrated thermometer, it’ll be better if the temperature controller has numbers on it instead of a bar. At least, it’ll make it easy to know which temperature the grill is at. Approximately.

Finally, the Weber Q 2400 doesn’t have any side shelves. I understand that this is to ensure the compactness of the grill. Yet two folding or even removable side shelves would have been nice. We all need some extra working space for our tools and whatnot, right?

But seriously, none of these are deal-breakers at all. You can always buy extra accessories to make this grill complete. All in all, the Q2400 is well-made and functional, accompanied by sleek styling and premium look.


For an electric grill, you’d be surprised to know that the Q2400 can get pretty hot. Weber claims that its max temperature is 550F or even higher if the ambient temperature allows. It’s not extremely high heat, but hot enough to sear steaks and other foods.

The reason why this little electric grill can achieve that is because of the two interior heat liners. Made of sturdy cast aluminum, these liners create a double-walled construction inside the cookbox. As a result, it traps heat inside the grill and spreads it evenly across the cooking grates. And thanks to the superior conductivity of the cast iron grates, all the concentrated heat is delivered right into your food.

Keep in mind that Weber recommends to preheat the grill for 20 minutes before using. Even longer during the wintertime. But it is offset by the fact there is no fire to worry about. Regulating the heat requires no airflow management. In fact, everything is controlled by just twisting a knob.

Now, you might be wondering about the flavor coming out of the grill. Most of it comes from the meat juices vaporizing as it hits the heating element below. The food will certainly have a “grilled” flavor, but with a cleaner taste than other types of grilling.

You do have the option of using smoking wood chips. Just have to buy a smoker box. Or make a wood chips pouch with holes on it.

Ease of Cleaning

There is a disposable catch pan underneath the cooking chamber. All the liquids will flow into it so cleaning up is fairly straightforward. The pan is also in standard size. That means it’s easy for you to buy some extra if you wish.

The rest of the grill is also simple to clean. 

The cooking grates come in two pieces so you can fit them into a small sink. Wash them with hot soapy water and you’re good to go. Just remember not to scrub them too hard. Otherwise, the porcelain coating might wear off quickly.

The bottom heat liner is actually removable when lifting up the heating element. It’s actually a clever design because you don’t have to unscrew the heating element at all. Again, washing them with hot soapy water will do.

User Experience

Ease of Assembly

There is minimal assembly required for the Weber Q 2400 electric BBQ. It’ll take you no more than 20 minutes to put this grill together.

However, if you’re stuck somewhere, there is a free BILT App available that provides 3D interactive assembly instructions for the Q2400.

Cooking Area

For a portable one, this grill offers generous cooking space (280 square inches). You can fit at least 12 burger patties or 6 to 8 chicken breasts. That’s enough for a family of three.

As I mentioned above, the cooking grates are great at grilling and delivering sear marks thanks to the cast iron core. It also comes in two pieces, meaning that you can remove one side and replace it with a cast iron griddle — perfect for making pancakes or eggs in the morning.

Indoor Usage?

Unfortunately, the Q2400 is only suitable for outdoor usage. You cannot use it indoors since there’ll be smoke coming out of the grill.


This grill is designed for portability. When bringing it on the road, ensure that the outdoor outlet is grounded GFCI and can handle 1560W draw, with 15AMP minimum.

In case of using an extension cord, it must have a “W” mark and a tag saying that it’s suitable for outdoor appliances.

The Q 2400 can also be used at home. Due to its low profile, you might need a tabletop to put it on. Make sure that it’s stable and there is 25” clearance on the back and the sides for proper airflow.

Replacement Parts & Support

Weber is not only known for their quality grills, but also for their fantastic customer support. You can reach out to them via many platforms and will be contacted within 24 hours.

In addition to that, Weber always stock replacement parts for their grills. So you don’t have to worry if they have them or not.

Available Accessories

As mentioned above, the 2400 electric barbecue needs a table to sit on. Otherwise, it might not be comfortable to cook with. That’s why Weber has two freestanding carts that are compatible with the Q2400.

They are the Weber #6557 Portable Cart and Weber #6525 Cart. They both feature tool hooks and a set of wheels. No side shelves however.

The #6557 is actually better than the #6525 in that you can fold it when not in use. That makes it convenient for storage during the grilling off-season.

Another useful accessory that I’d recommend is the Q 2400 grill cover. Even though the grill is made of durable material, it’s not a bad idea to protect it as much as possible, especially with all the electrical components.


The warranty is pretty standard for Weber electric grills. 5 years on the body, the lid, the heating element, the cooking grates, and all plastic parts. 2 years for the rest of the grill.



What I Like

I’m digging the footprint of the grill. It’s small enough not to take up lots of space on the balcony, yet large enough to cook plenty of food all at once.

I also like its ability to get to high heat. Not many similar electric grills from other brands can get that hot.

Even though there are some minor drawbacks such as the lack of a built-in thermometer, there isn’t much to complain about the Q 2400. It’s sturdy and well-made. And Weber really stands behind their products.

What Could Be Improved

I’d like to see a built-in thermometer and/or some numbers on the temperature controller. Two extra side shelves would be nice as well.


Weber Q 1400 52020001 Electric Barbecue

The Q1400 is smaller than the Q 2400. They both have similar features and perform the same. If you find that the Weber Q 2400 is a bit big for your liking, then you should consider the Q1400 instead.

Here is the complete review of the Q 1400 if you’re interested. Otherwise, click here for the pricing instead.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B

This George Foreman grill has somewhat the same cooking space as the Q 2400 (240 vs 280). There is a removable stand that comes included with the grill. According to George Foreman, the grill is actually suitable for indoor usage.

Last but not least, the GGR50B is very affordable compared to the Q 2400. For more information about it, please follow the link here.

Should You Buy Weber Q2400 Electric BBQ Grill?

Weber electric BBQ Q2400 on a white backdrop

Yes, definitely.

This is by far the best electric grill on the market. Even though it’s more expensive than the competition, the smart designs combined with the premium look really make it a clear winner. 

The Weber Q2400 electric grill is perfect for urban dwellers who can’t use other types of grill on their balcony. Given its compact size, the grill is also a great choice for on-the-go grilling, whether it is camping or tailgating.

Want to know more about the grill? Check it out via the button here.


So that wraps up the Weber electric grill Q2400 review. If you have anything else to add, please write it down below. I really appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!

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