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Mushroom cap of a tabletop patio heater
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It’s getting colder where you live. But you still want to enjoy the good time outside in your backyard patio. You know, the delicious food and quality time around your friends and family. 

You notice those good-looking patio heaters they have at the local restaurants. You wonder if you should get one. But then your patio isn’t big enough for those. Maybe you should get a smaller, tabletop version instead.

If that’s what you’re looking for, this article is for you. I’ll start by presenting all the best models on the market, both propane and electric. 

Then there’ll be a detailed buying guide showing you what to look for when shopping for the best tabletop patio heater. I’ll also touch on the differences between propane and electric patio heaters, how do they each work, and the pros and cons of a tabletop heater. 

Let’s get warm and toasty, shall we?

In A Hurry? These Are The Best Tabletop Patio Heater

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Best Tabletop Patio Heater Reviews & Assessments


Best Propane Overall – Fire Sense Stainless Steel/Bronze Heater


  • Dimension – 13.4” x 21” x 35” tall
  • Indoor/Outdoor – outdoor
  • Design – mushroom reflector
  • BTU – up to 10000
  • Coverage Radius – 5 to 7 foot
  • Material – durable stainless steel
  • Weight – 8lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – propane, 1lbs canister (not included), needs adapter to use 20lbs tank
  • Igniter – piezo ignition system, similar to BBQ grills
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Others
    • Solid weighted base
    • Burner safety screen
    • Auto shut-off anti-tilt switch
    • Oxygen depletion sensor
    • ODS compliant & CSA tested
    • Available in two colors – silver and bronze


This tabletop heater from Fire Sense is made from commercial grade stainless steel. It looks durable and well-made. Weighing around 8lbs, this heater is incredibly lightweight, making it portable to move around. 

In terms of performance, it provides enough heat for an enclosed patio or even small garage (up to 10000 BTUs). That said, if you have an open area, it might not be strong enough. This Fire Sense tabletop heater also works for a limited patio in an apartment. 5 to 7 foot is usually the coverage range for this heater. 

It has adjustable heat levels (low & high). You can use a 1lb gas canister (not included) to fuel the heater. However, the gas won’t last long if you turn the heat to high, depending on the weather conditions. You can also buy an adapter to install the larger 20lbs gas tank. With one, the heater performs better and longer. 

It has the typical mushroom reflector design from the larger traditional heaters you often see at high-end restaurants, meaning the heat is spread evenly around the heater. There is a compartment to place the gas canister so it is hidden away. And that makes the whole unit look clean and minimalist. 

This patio heater is available in two color tones – silver and bronze, giving you options to mix and match with your patio’s furniture. It also comes in with all the essential safety features to ensure a reliable and proper performance. Things like sturdy weighted base, anti-tilt auto-off switch, burner guard, and oxygen depletion sensor. 

ODS approved and CSA compliant for the whole shebang. This Fire Sense propane heater has the right balance between performance, portability, design, and safety. If you’re looking for the best propane/gas tabletop patio heater, this is the one.


  • Made from sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Clean and functional mushroom design
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact
  • Available in two colors
  • Has all necessary safety features
  • Provide efficient and adequate heat


  • Not strong enough to warm up open area
  • Can go through 1lb gas tank quick if set to high temp


Best Runner-Up – Napoleon Propane Gas Portable Patio Heater


  • Dimensions – 21” x 21” x 41” tall
  • Indoor/Outdoor – outdoor
  • Design – mushroom cap
  • BTU – up to 11000
  • Coverage Radius – 5 foot
  • Material – 304 stainless steel 
  • Weight – 18lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – gas/propane, either 1lb to 20lbs tank (needs adapter)
  • Igniter – electronic push button igniter
  • Warranty – 1 year


This table top heater is made by Napoleon – a well-known name in the grilling industry. It uses 304 stainless steel as the main material. That’ll prevent rust and maintain the heater’s appearance over time. It’s also easier to clean and more likely to last for years to come. 

Similar to the Fire Sense model above, you can use either a 1lb or 20lbs propane tank to run this heater. If you go with the latter, you also need a separate adapter. 

It produces 360 degree all-around heat due to the mushroom cap design. The radius of coverage for this unit is around 5 foot. A bit wider if you use the 20lbs tank for larger and better heat output.

One thing to keep in mind that this Napoleon heater is the tallest (41”) among all of the models listed here. It weighs around 18lbs which is quite hefty for a tabletop unit. However, it’s still portable enough if you want to carry it around for camping trips. 

Another downside of this heater is that it’s only available in silver color. Don’t get me wrong. The unit still looks sleek and attractive, but it’s better if it comes in other colors as well. Compared to the Fire Sense heater, it’s also more expensive. 

Although its maximum BTUs exceed that of the Fire Sense (11000 vs 10000), I would still place this one as the runner-up due to its price, lack of colors, weight, and height.

That said, if you want to buy a good quality product from a trusted brand, this Napoleon tabletop patio heater is the right choice.


  • High BTU output (up to 11000)
  • Long-lasting 304 stainless steel materials
  • Provides all-around heat
  • Clean and sleek design
  • Made by Napoleon


  • Expensive
  • Taller and heavier than other models
  • Only comes in one color


Best Alternative #1 – AZ Patio Heater Hiland Portable Table Top Patio Heater


  • Dimensions – 23” x 23” x 38” tall
  • Indoor/Outdoor – outdoor
  • Design – mushroom/umbrella Top
  • BTU – up to 11,000
  • Coverage Radius – 5 foot
  • Material – stainless steel
  • Weight – 17.5lbs
  • Types of Fuel – 1lb or 20lbs propane with adapter, not included
  • Igniter – electronic push button igniter
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Others
    • Available in five colors
    • Thermocouple and anti-tilt safety switch
    • Emitter screen guard
    • Regulator included
    • Heavy weight plate
    • Adjustable heat
    • CSA Approved


If you’re still not sure if the first two models are right for you, you might want to consider this AZ Hiland tabletop heater.

It weighs the same as the Napoleon heater, at around 18lbs. It has somewhat similar height as well (38” vs 41”). Not to mention the maximum heat output is also at 11000 BTUs. This AZ Hiland heater is indeed powerful yet portable enough.

Another good thing about this unit is that it’s available in 5 colors, which is more than what the Fire Sense model has to offer. This AZ heater also has that familiar mushroom/umbrella reflector at the top to disperse heat evenly around it. 

Many crucial safety features are included in this heater, such as an emitter protective guard, anti-tilt shut off valve, and heavy weight plate as the base. It’s easy to put together and also CSA tested. 

Like any propane tabletop heater, you have to install the portable tank canister or switch to a bigger one with an adapter hose. 

All in all, if you want something in between the Fire Sense and Napoleon heater mentioned earlier, this AZ Hiland is the one you should definitely check out.


  • Powerful heat output at 11000 BTUs
  • Essential safety components
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Portable enough
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction


  • Wider feet might take up some table space
  • Might be too tall and heavy


Best Alternative #2 – AZ Propane Pyramid Glass Tube Tabletop Patio Heater


  • Dimensions – 12” x 12” x 39” tall
  • Indoor/Outdoor – outdoor
  • Design – pyramid glass tube
  • BTU – 10,000
  • Coverage Radius – 2 – 3 foot
  • Material – stainless steel, quartz glass
  • Weight – 14lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – propane, 1lb or 20lbs with adapter hose
  • Igniter – electronic push button igniter
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Others
    • Thermocouple and anti-tilt safety
    • Have an access door
    • Adjustable heat
    • Available in two colors – steel and bronze


The last one in the propane tabletop heater list is also from AZ Hiland. The one thing that separates this one from the rest is its construction. 

It features a pyramid design which is completely different from the typical umbrella/mushroom cap. Along its body, you’ll notice a quartz glass portion that allows you to see the flame inside the heater. You can also adjust the heat, which in turn adjusts the height of the flame. 

The flame is in fact mesmerizing to look at. That adds a touch of intimacy to your evening conversation around the “fire”. Furthermore, the square base of the heater is only 12” wide, meaning you can save some space for other things on your table. 

The heater is also small and compact, weighing around 14lbs. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in two colors – silver and bronze. 

Now, even though the flame is cool and all, the pyramid design does pose one problem. That is the heat won’t radiate out of the sides evenly. Instead, it’s more likely to go out of the top. The reason is because the top of the pyramid isn’t as big as the regular mushroom cap. As a result, it can’t spread the heat out effectively.

For the reason above, this AZ Pyramid Glass Tube heater isn’t as strong as the other three models, even though its maximum energy output is 10000 BTUs. Depending on the wind conditions, the heat range is only 2 – 3 foot. It can work well in Texas nights but it won’t survive chilly Minnesota winter.

Overall, this heater from AZ Patio Heater offers a different design than many models on the market. It can create a live fire which is a plus in many cases. However, it isn’t as strong performance-wise. 


  • Different pyramid design 
  • Live fire inside the glass tube
  • Small footprint
  • Portable
  • Two color options – silver and bronze
  • Good quality stainless steel and quartz glass


  • Can’t spread heat out evenly
  • Heat range is 2 – 3 foot
  • Weaker performance than other models



Best Electric Overall – AZ HIL-1821 Heater, Certified Water-proof


  • Dimensions – 22” x 22” x 24” tall
  • Design – mushroom
  • Material – stainless steel
  • Weight – 16lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – electric infrared, 1500 Watt, fits 120V power outlet
  • Indoor/Outdoor – both
  • Power cord length – 96”
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Others
    • Solid weighted base
    • IP Certified Waterproof
    • Different temp control
    • Anti-tilt auto-off valve
    • CSA and ETL compliant


Another tabletop heater from AZ Hiland but this time in electric instead of propane. This AZ HIL-1821 features a 1500 Watts infrared burner. When sitting near this unit, you’ll feel like sitting under the sun. With its power, it can definitely warm up a table with 4 – 5 people around. However, the burner is quite bright, which might be uncomfortable for some. 

This electric heater also has a sturdy weighted base which won’t fall down easily. Another feature that it has is the safety anti-tilt valve. This will automatically turn the unit off if you happen to tip it over. In addition to that, the HIL-1821 is also IP certified waterproof, which gives you a peace of mind in case of unexpected rainfall. 

Made from durable stainless steel, this heater is small and compact. You can move it around or store it when not in use easily. To put into perspective, this heater is about twice the size of a normal table lamp. 

You can use it both indoors and outdoors. It has a shiny and glossy stainless steel and comes with a 96” power cord. The cord fits into any regular 120V outlet. There is a 1-year warranty for the whole unit. And it’s CSA and ETL compliant.

So, if you’re looking for the best electric tabletop patio heater, the HIL-1821 is the one.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • 96”/8 foot power cord
  • Fits into any 120V outlet
  • CSA & ETL approved
  • Sufficient heat for 4 – 5 people
  • Waterproof
  • Other necessary safety components


  • Burner is quite bright


Best Budget – Lasko 6405 Oscillating Portable Electric Heater


  • Dimensions – 10″ x 10″ x 16″ tall.
  • Design – antique urn
  • Coverage radius – 360 degree oscillation
  • Material – plastic that looks like ceramic or clay
  • Weight – 7lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – electric, 1500 watts, low and high settings
  • Indoor/Outdoor – both
  • Power Cord Length – 72”
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Others
    • Available in 2 colors – gold and beige
    • ETL listed
    • No remote
    • Adjustable thermostat with automatic shut-off timer (7 hour)


The next in line is the Lasko 6405. Now, this heater looks more like a space heater. However, it can put out quite a bit of heat for a small enclosed patio (even at 1500 Watts). Another great thing is that it rotates around which, as a result, spread the heat out even further.

The Lasko 6405 has an interesting design, looking like an antique urn. It has a fairly small footprint, about 10” wide and 16” high, so that you can save some space. It’s also available in two colors – gold and beige. If this thing sits in the middle of your table, it’ll be definitely the center of the attention.

With that said, the heater is made from plastic. Although it seems hard, it’s questionable in terms of durability. One good thing is that it’s also made to look like ceramic or clay. So if you don’t mind the plastic, this unit can be quite attractive to look at. 

Unlike the rest of the heaters listed here, this one actually comes with a 3-year warranty. Furthermore, it has a timer with a maximum of 7 hours. You can set it up to turn off the heater after a period of time. It sits on a 4-legged base, which is fairly stable. But I doubt it can withstand strong winds and all.

Being infrared electric, you can also use it indoors. Combining with its small profile, you can bring it with you on camping trips or in a RV. It comes really cheap compared to other models in this article. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient electric patio heater, you should definitely consider this Lasko 6405. 


  • Powerful heat output for its size
  • 360 degree oscillation for spreading heat further
  • Interesting design
  • Available in 2 colors – gold and beige
  • Small footprint
  • Portable
  • 3-year warranty
  • 7-hour timer
  • Affordable


  • Plastic material
  • No remote to control the settings
  • 4-legged base doesn’t seem sturdy


Best Alternative #3 – Fire Sense Umbrella Patio Heater


  • Dimensions – 39” x 39” x 4” tall
  • Design – attaching to umbrella center pole
  • Coverage Radius – underneath the heater, not the surrounding area
  • Material – durable and lightweight stainless steel
  • Weight – 8lbs
  • Types Of Fuel – infrared electric, total 1500 watts with each head has 500 watts, fits standard household outlet (120V)
  • Indoor/Outdoor – both
  • Power Cord Length – 96”
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Others
    • Unique locking mechanism, allowing the 3 heads to be lowered and closed along with the umbrella
    • Fits standard umbrella poles on the market (1.5” to 2” diameter)


The last entry is an electric heater from Fire Sense. If you use an umbrella to cover your patio table, you might be interested in this one. 

The entire unit consists of 3 heads. Each head has about 500 Watts of energy output, which makes up the total 1500 Watts for the heater. Using infrared burners, this heater utilizes radiant heat to warm up any area close by. Therefore, it is unaffected by the wind, which is one of the drawbacks of propane heaters.

Along with the decent heat, this heater also gives out some bright light. You can also decide how much heat and light you want by only turning on one or two heads. Keep in mind that you attach this unit to your umbrella center pole. 

Because of that, this heater is good for warming up things underneath it. In fact, it can’t be used for heating up the area around it. 

You also don’t have to worry about it being tipped over because it’s not on a surface. And that’s a great idea since you will maximize the space of your table while still getting heat and light at the same time. 

The heater comes with a 96” power cord that can fit into any standard 120V residential outlet. It also fits into any typical umbrella pole as long as its diameter falls between 1.5” to 2”. Lastly, the heater features an effective locking mechanism where the 3 heads lower and close alongside the umbrella. 

For people who have small patio table space, this Fire Sense Umbrella 3 Heads heater might be the best solution for them. 


  • Maximizes your table space since the heater is attached to umbrella pole
  • Produces heat and light
  • Unaffected by wind
  • 96” power cord
  • Fits into any 120V power outlet


  • No heating surrounding area
  • If no umbrella pole, can’t attach/use it


What Is A Tabletop Patio Heater?

A tabletop patio heater is the smaller version of the freestanding commercial heater you often see at many bars and restaurants. Instead of sitting on the ground, it’s designed to sit on a table or similar surfaces. While the tabletop model isn’t as strong to warm up an open patio, it provides enough heat for an enclosed one or 4 – 5 people sitting around a table. 

Tabletop patio heaters usually range from 35” to 42” in height. They look similar to a table lamp, with a curved reflector cap on top to disperse heat to the surrounding area. Because of the shape, this design is called mushroom or umbrella. The pyramid design is also common.

Like the freestanding patio heater, the tabletop version features a weighted base to keep it stable and avoid any tipping over. It’s rather more compact and easier to assemble. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for people with limited backyard space. 

Two Types Of Fuel

Tabletop patio heaters use propane gas or electricity as their fuel. 

Propane Gas

Propane heaters are the more popular model. They give out better heat and cover a wider area than electric heaters. 

They’re also more portable since you don’t need any cable or power outlet. A 1lb gas tank is stored inside the heater so you can move the entire unit easily. Not to mention saving space on your table. Speaking of the gas tank, you can buy it from any local hardware or camping stores.

Propane heaters also require minimum installation to set up. Another great thing about them is that they produce carbon dioxide when gas combusts, which attracts bugs and mosquitoes. They in turn become a bug and mosquito magnets, preventing them from biting you.

However, gas also creates carbon monoxide, which is a deadly and colorless fume. Therefore, propane patio heaters should ONLY be used outdoors with plenty of ventilation and airflow. 

Another downside is that the 1lb gas tank can run out quick, especially during the cold winter months. As a result, costs add up which isn’t economical in the long run. Fortunately, you can attach a larger 20lbs tank, but you need to purchase a separate adapter hose for it.

Electric Infrared

Due to their infrared burners, electric heaters produce bright light which is uncomfortable sometimes. The burners might even burn you if you sit too close. You also need to protect the electric heaters from the elements to avoid any electrical breakdowns or mishaps.

That said, electric heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors. They don’t generate any toxic gas so they’re the safest and most eco-friendly option. Just make sure that you have enough clearance around the heater to prevent any potential fire danger.

In terms of power consumption, they require less energy, which is cost-saving in the long run. You can plug them into any standard household outlet and they’re ready to go.

How Does A Tabletop Patio Heater Work?

A tabletop patio heater, whether propane or electric, works the same way. It uses its fuel of choice to run the burners, which in turn produces and spreads the heat to the surrounding area.

The only difference between these two types of heater is the operation of their burners. And that affects the performance of each type.

Propane heaters use their burners to heat up the area around it. That produces a convection heat for warmth. You’ll feel like someone is blowing hot air to your body.

On the other hand, electric heaters use infrared bulb burners, which utilizes the glow of the bulb to heat up any objects nearby. The glow, or radiant heat, is the waves of energy that turn into heat when they touch a solid object. 

Because of this, electric heaters don’t rely on air movement to spread their warmth. Therefore, they’re unaffected by the wind. That also makes them more efficient, meaning you’ll feel instant heat right away (like sitting under the sun).

Pros & Cons Of Using One


The first advantage is that tabletop patio heaters are lightweight. The gas tank is already inside the heater so you don’t have to detach anything. Simply pick the entire unit up and move it by yourself. 

Tabletop heaters also have a smaller footprint than their free-standing cousins. Therefore, you can maximize the space for other important things in your backyard (like a decent charcoal grill). Moreover, because of its compact size, you can store it away easily or put it in your RV for the next road trip.

Sitting in the center of your table, this type of heater produces heat all-around, making sure to warm up everybody at the table quickly. Whereas the commercial heaters are usually placed in the corner due to their size. So they can take a while to warm up everyone evenly.


However, once the commercial heaters heat up an area, the heat stays there for long. That’s because of the higher energy output that they have. 

The tabletop heaters, on the other hand, can only provide warmth for the immediate area around them. The heat can’t spread out any further after that point. The area a tabletop heater can cover also depends on the wind and weather conditions at any given time. 

Because of this, you might need to buy a few tabletop heaters if you have many people over for a big cookout or college football party. But then they will take up some space on your table, which sort of defeats the purpose. 

A good advice is to use a tabletop heater alongside one to two commercial heaters at the most. That way, you get adequate heat while maximizing your space at the same time.

Features To Look For When Buying A Tabletop Patio Heater

Now that you understand tabletop patio heaters a bit better, let’s figure out what features you should consider when shopping for one.

Energy Output

This is the most important thing to consider first.

Propane heaters use British Thermal Unit or BTU to determine its energy output. The more BTU an unit has, the more warmth you’ll get. Manufacturers usually tell you the BTU on their packaging. Most propane tabletop heaters have their BTU somewhere from 5000 to 11000. The commercial patio heaters have around 40000 BTUs. 

Electric infrared heaters use Watts to measure its power. Similar to propane heaters, the higher the wattage, the more heat the unit generates. Most electric tabletop heaters have about 1500 Watts on average. To put into perspective, it equals 5200 BTUs. 

This is to simply compare how much energy is consumed, not how warm and toasty you’ll feel. Remember that electric and gas patio heaters use different heat types to spread their warmth.

So, to pick the right energy output for your heaters, knowing the information above is essential. You also need to consider your temperature preferences, how much space you’ve got, and where you’re living. 

Cold windy air in New York will for sure decrease the efficiency of your heaters, but not cool breezes down in Houston. You might need to increase the BTUs or Watts if you live up north while decreasing a bit down south. Same principle applies for larger and smaller backyard.


Similar to the energy output, manufacturers will also give you the estimate of the area that the heater can warm. And that is based on optimal conditions, meaning low in humidity with little to no wind. Again, if you live somewhere cold, the range of coverage will greatly reduce compared to someplace cool. 

Furthermore, you should think about your patio. Is it enclosed or open? Measure the entire area and use the manufacturer’s suggested radius as a guideline. If your patio is a bit larger, you might want to consider a heater with oscillation. That will help disperse the heat out even further.

Also make sure that you have enough head space above the heater. Woodland Direct recommends at least 2 feet of clearance on all sides to avoid any possible fire hazard.

Safety Components

Speaking of fire hazard, most heaters, both propane and eclectic, come with many safety features. 

Weighted base is the first one. This is to provide stability and prevent the heater from tilting. Even if it’s the case, most propane heaters have an anti-tilt switch that automatically turns off the gas valve.

For an electric heater, make sure that the cable isn’t short. There are two reasons for that. You can’t connect the heater to the closeby outlet. Even if you can, you run the risks of people tripping over it. If it’s long enough, you can tuck it away safely, without blocking anybody’s path. 

Also look for a burner screen in either type of patio heater. This will protect the burner itself as well as your hand. 

Material & Durability

Material is the next in line. You might want to get a stainless steel heater if you live in a rainy and snowy climate. The material is known for its durability and rust-resistance. That said, you can get away with just metal if you live somewhere a bit drier and hotter.

Also consider if you want to leave the heater outside. If you plan to do so, invest in a good quality cover and put it on a stable surface. Keep in mind that electric heaters aren’t waterproof so it might not be a good idea to keep them out all the time.

Whatever you do, try your best to take care of your unit. It’ll last for years to come. 


One of the advantages of tabletop patio heaters is their weight. Most tabletop versions weigh less than 20lbs. They’re also easier to take apart and some are even height adjustable.

Keep these in mind because you might want to take the heater with you somewhere in the future.


In many cases, a tabletop heater will be sitting in the middle of your table. So its design should be attractive and nice to look at.

Most tabletop heaters have a mushroom or umbrella design. Some of them even come with color options, which help you mix and match with the rest of your furniture. Now, the mushroom design not only looks good but it also affects how much heat you feel. That’s because of its large reflective dome at the top.

Another popular design is the pyramid. It doesn’t reflect heat as well as the mushroom. But it features a glass tube where you can see a live flame inside. That adds some mesmerizing effect just by looking at the fire. You can also adjust the height of the flame if you like.


Initially, propane patio heaters are cheaper to purchase than electric ones. However, the cost of operation adds up for propane heaters, especially if you only use the 1lb gas canister. But propane heaters last longer if you care for them properly.

Electric patio heaters are expensive to purchase due to their infrared bulb. Keep in mind that the cost for the bulb replacement is as much as the unit itself.

But they don’t require much energy to operate. An average 1500 Watts electric heater costs about 29 cents per hour. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. They’re generally safer and more environmentally friendly.

Also don’t forget to factor in accessories such as extra cables and outlets. Same for propane heaters. Things like additional hoses, adapter for the 20lbs tank, and several 20lbs tanks.


Most portable tabletop heaters have a minimum 1 year warranty. Check if it covers any damaged components at the time of delivery. Also if it’s extended to defective parts during the warranty period.


To recap, when shopping for a table top patio heater, you should pay attention to these things – energy output, area of coverage, safety features, material, portaility, design, cost, and warranty. 

Also keep in mind that there are two types of tabletop heater, propane gas and electric infrared. They both have their pros and cons but they function the same way. The only difference is that propane heaters use convection air while electric heaters use infrared radiant heat to warm you up. 

It’s the end of this best tabletop patio heater roundup review. I hope you find this article useful. Let me know what type of heater you ended up buying and why did you choose it? We can all learn from each other.

Stay warm and toasty!

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