Best Gas Grills Under $200: Reasonable Specs At A Bargain

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It isn’t easy to shop for a decent gasser for less than 200 dollars. There are many models on the market at this price point or under. They all share similar features. But the majority of them aren’t of great quality at all.

That actually makes shopping difficult because you don’t know which one is better than which. Or how to separate the good from the bad.

No worries! We’ve scoured the Internet, read the forums, and cobbled together a complete buying guide for you. Here, we will show you what to look for when buying a gas grill with that limited budget. We’ll also present you some of the best gas grills under $200, with detailed review and recommendation whether or not it’s a good option for you.

Let’s begin, shall we?

In A Hurry? Our Top 5 Recommendations For Best Gas Grills Under $200

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The Top 5 Best Gas Grills Under $200

Best Overall – Char-Griller 3-Burner E3072 Gas Grill


Note: If you’re more familiar with the E3001, the E3072 is the newer version of the E3001. Their interior components and bodies are the same. The only differences are the turning knobs and the handles. The E3072 also features more rounded edges than the E3001.

One thing we really like about this grill is the extra side burner. With a BTU of 12000, you can use it to cook rice or pasta while waiting for the main dish to finish in the main grill. At this price point of under 200 dollars, not many grills feature this so it’s definitely a bonus.

The side burner also has a lid so you can close and turn it into a side shelf. Just remember to turn the burner off before doing so. Along with another one, these two shelves give you the additional prepping space when you need it.

The Chargriller E3072 has 3 burners that are capable of producing 40800 BTU in total. With its main cooking grate of 438 sq in, the grill has a heat flux of 93 — the hottest among all the grills here. It also features a secondary rack for extra cooking space or keeping already-cooked food warm.

Unlike other grills in this price range, the Chargriller E3072 uses a continuous spark ignition system for each burner. It’s faster and more reliable than the traditional single spark system.

The grill’s body and lid are made of steel with a powder coating on top. The coating is there to prevent the steel from rusting. However, it will chip away eventually so please don’t forget to buy a proper grill cover to extend the lifespan of the grill.

The grill grates are made from porcelain-enamelled cast iron. In our opinion, this material is the best in terms of quality and ease of cleaning. It conducts heat as well as cast iron. And the porcelain allows for an easy cleanup similar to stainless steel.

Besides, grill grates get the most use and they often get replaced quicker than other parts of a propane grill. So this is definitely a nice feature to have. Good job, Chargriller!


  • Brand: Chargriller
  • Material: powder-coated steel
  • Dimensions: 48”W x 28”D x 48”H
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 82lbs
  • Main Burners: 3
  • BTU Rating: 40800
  • Heat Flux: 93
  • Ignition Type: battery-operated continuous spark
  • Side Burner: 1, 12000 BTU
  • Main Grilling Space: 438 sq in
  • Secondary Grilling Space: 192 sq in
  • Side Shelves: 2

All in all, the Chargriller E3072 is a powerful grill, with all the necessary features to provide you a complete cooking experience. In addition to that, the manufacturer knows where to spend the money to ensure that the grill is somewhat of decent quality. Even for under $200!

For more information about it, please click the green button down below.


Runner-up – Char-Broil 360 3-Burner LP Grill, With Side Burner


Similar to the Chargriller E3072 above, this grill features an additional side burner of 8000 BTU. It’s a little less powerful, but still strong enough to get some side dishes done in no time. The Charbroil also has an extra prepping shelf on the opposing side of the burner. Really convenient when you need a place to put your BBQ tools.

This grill features 3 burners with a total BTU count of 30000. The burners are made from high quality stainless steel so rusting is not an issue here. There is a piezo single spark ignition system to light the burners.

The burners also have porcelain-coated flavorizer bars sitting on top of them. These bars are here to protect the burners, help vaporize drippings, and add flavor right back into the food. The porcelain coating also makes it easy to clean the bars after.

With 360 sq in of the main cooking area, you can fit around 12 burgers altogether. There is also another warming rack of 170 sq in, adding additional cooking space if you need it. The grates are made from porcelain-coated steel. They don’t get hot as much as porcelain-coated cast iron, but still decent enough to give your food a proper sear.

You can move this grill around easily thanks to its two big sturdy wheels. There are two anchors on the other side of the wheels, stabilizing the grill when not moving.


  • Brand: Charbroil
  • Material: porcelain-coated steel
  • Dimensions: 51”W x 24”D x 43”H
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Main Burners: 3
  • BTU Rating: 30000
  • Heat Flux: 83
  • Ignition Type: piezo single spark
  • Side Burner: 1, 8000 BTU
  • Main Grilling Space: 360 sq in
  • Secondary Grilling Space: 170 sq in
  • Side Shelves: 2

One thing about Charbroil is that they’re really good at making cheap gassers. The company somehow manages to produce grills that are slightly better than most brands at this price range. The Charbroil 360 is no exception. 

That said, it’s a bit less powerful than the Chargriller E3072. Therefore, we’ve decided to place it on the runner-up spot. Still, the Charbroil 360 is a great alternative to the Chargriller E3072. To check out this grill, simply follow the link here.


Most Portable – Weber Q 1000 Gas Grill


For those that are looking for a portable gas grill under $200, the Weber Q1000 is the one for you. The footprint of this grill is small. Weighing around 29lbs, it’s also extremely lightweight. You can use this grill at home or bring it anywhere you want. Just don’t forget to put it on a table because its leg is short.

But don’t let the size fool you. With 189 sq in of cooking space, the Weber Q 1000 is capable of cooking 9 burgers all at once, which is perfect for 2 to 3 people. Keep in mind that this grill doesn’t have any secondary rack.

The cooking grates are porcelain-coating cast iron. What more can we say about this awesome material? It heats up quickly, stays hot longer, and is easy to clean. There is only one burner in this grill and, unfortunately, there is no flavorizer bar either.

The Q1000 is also well-built, with all cast aluminum for the body and the lid. That helps trap the heat inside the cooking chamber better, allowing you to cook your food evenly with convection heat. The handle is made from glass-reinforced nylon, which is sturdy and stays cool during cooking.

You can only use the smaller portable liquid propane tank to fuel the grill. However, if you want to use the full 20-lb tank, you need to buy a separate adapter hose. Just in case you need a constant fuel to feed a large group of people.


  • Brand: Weber
  • Material: cast aluminum
  • Dimensions: 27”W x 17”D x 15”H
  • Color: grey
  • Weight: 29lbs
  • Main Burners: 1
  • BTU Rating: 8500
  • Heat Flux: 45
  • Ignition Type: continuous spark
  • Side Burner: no
  • Main Grilling Space: 189 sq in
  • Secondary Grilling Space: no
  • Side Shelves: no

We love the Weber Q 1000. It’s a great little grill for small spaces such as apartment balconies. It’s too designed with portability in mind, allowing you to bring it on the go. The grill is also made by Weber, a trusty name in the grilling industry.

So, what are you waiting on? Hit the button below to purchase and get grilling.


Cuisinart Petit Gourmet CGG-180 Propane Grill


Similar to the Weber Q1000, the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet is made with portability in mind. With its locking lid, folding legs, and sturdy handle, you can carry it around easily. In fact, the grill looks a lot like a small suitcase.

It’s also simple and quick to put the grill together. All you need is 5 minutes of your time. And no tools required. You can use it as a tabletop gas grill or pay extra to get a stand and make the grill freestanding.

The grill has only one burner with no flavorizer bar. The cooking grate is made from porcelain enamel steel, which is expected at this price range. The cool thing is that it’s dishwasher-safe.

With its 145 sq in of space, you can fit enough food for 2 people on the cooking grate. To put things into perspective, you can cook around 6 burgers, 6 chicken breasts, or 4 pounds of fish all at once. Not bad for a small grill.

The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet uses the 1-lb propane tank, which can go on for 4 hours straight before needing a replacement. You do have the option of switching to the 20-lb tank, but you need an adapter for that.


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Material: painted steel
  • Dimensions: 17”W x 16”D x 32”H
  • Color: red, black, stainless steel
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Main Burners: 1
  • BTU Rating: 5500
  • Heat Flux: 38
  • Ignition Type: single spark
  • Side Burner: no
  • Main Grilling Space: 145 sq in
  • Secondary Grilling Space: no
  • Side Shelves: no

Overall, this grill from Cuisinart is a decent alternative to the Weber Q 1000. It’s a bit smaller, but still capable of cooking enough food for one person or a couple. The grill is also way less expensive. And unlike the Q 1000, it’s actually available in 3 colors: red, black, and stainless steel. Check it out today.


Dyna-Glo 3-Burner Open Cart Propane Grill


The last entry on this list is a 3-burner gas grill from Dyna-Glo. It isn’t as hefty as the Chargriller E3072 or the Charbroil 360. In fact, it’s a nice, compact, and lightweight 3-burner gasser.

The Dyna-Glo has two side shelves for that extra working space when you need it. It also has a removable grease cup underneath the firebox for a quick and easy cleanup. The grill features a set of wheels to reposition it once cooled off.

Only the burners are made from stainless steel. The rest of the grill is made from steel with porcelain coating on top. For under 200 dollars, consider this a bonus since porcelain will protect the inner steel from rusting. It also makes it easier to clean the grill.

The grill has a total BTU rating of 24000. Divided by the 310 sq in of main cooking space, you have a heat flux of 77, which is almost as hot as the Charbroil 360. The Dyna-Glo also has a secondary rack of 139 sq in for some extra cooking space. It’s great for warming up food and whatnot.


  • Brand: Dyna-Glo
  • Material: porcelain enamel steel
  • Dimensions: 45”W x 23”D x 44”H
  • Color: black, blue, red
  • Weight: 47lbs
  • Main Burners: 3
  • BTU Rating: 24000
  • Heat Flux: 75
  • Ignition Type: piezo single spark
  • Side Burner: no
  • Main Grilling Space: 310 sq in
  • Secondary Grilling Space: 139 sq in
  • Side Shelves: yes

This is a nice basic gas grill at a very affordable price tag. It has no bells, no whistles, and no frills at all, but it’ll still get the job done. It’s available in 3 colors: black, blue, and red. We actually dig the red one. If you want to see more pictures of the Dyna-Glo grill, click the link below.


How To Shop For The Best Propane Grill Under $200

The Amount Of Cooking Space

To know the right amount of cooking space, you first need to know what you often cook. Then, ask yourself how many people you’re planning to cook for. Do you throw parties a lot? Or is it more like an once-in-a-while sort of thing?

The average household usually needs somewhere from 150 sq in up to 400 sq in. And that should be enough for a single person to a family of four. With that amount of cooking space, the grill often comes with 2 to 3 burners, sometimes only 1 burner.

If you want to throw big parties, you’d probably need a 5- to 6-burner gasser. But within our price range of under $200, you won’t find anything like that. Therefore with less burners, it’s best to cook in batches and start early so everything will be ready by the time people show up.

Whatever the case, we always recommend going one size up. So, for our budget, get a 3-burner grill. Unless you want something portable, then go for a 1- and 2-burner grill.

The Grill’s Size/Footprint

The grill’s size or footprint is the second factor you need to consider. 

Before purchasing a grill, get your tape out and measure the area that will be dedicated to the grill. You have to make sure that you have space around it, allowing air to circulate. The grill also has to be at least 2 to 3 feet away from the house and any flammable materials nearby.

Some grills do come with side shelves for extra working space. Check if they’re also foldable. That way, you can reduce the footprint of the grill if needed, such as storing it in a tight corner of the garage.

Extra Storage Space

Speaking of storage, side shelves are a good starting point. Also look for a cabinet underneath the cookbox. These are great features to have, allowing you to stay organized with your BBQ tools and cutleries.

That said, it’s better if the cabinet has closed doors. That is to prevent critters from taking shelter if you store the grill outside.

Material & Build Quality

Gas grills come in many different materials. You have stainless steel, cast aluminum, and painted steel. 

For under 200 dollars, it’s hard to get high quality stainless steel. What you often find is painted or powder-coated steel. This tends to rust. But if you care for it properly, it’ll definitely last longer. You sometimes find cast aluminum in certain well-known brands. Cast aluminum is rust-resistant and generally a better material than painted steel.

You also need to check the overall build quality of the grill. How stable is it? Are there any sharp edges? How is the finish?

Mobility & Portability

Mobility is another concern. A grill should have at least 2 wheels. That way, you can move it to storage after it’s cooled off from cooking.

If you want a more portable grill, there are some options available for less than $200. They won’t be as powerful as their freestanding counterparts. But they’re lightweight and compact, making them a perfect choice to travel with. Whether it’s camping, RVing, or even tailgating.

Is BTU Rating Accurate?

Folks usually think that the BTU of a gas grill is an accurate rating to judge how hot it is. Nothing could be further from the truth. The BTU only means how much gas the burners are using.

Therefore, a bigger gasser with an impressive BTU rating doesn’t necessarily get hotter than a smaller gasser with a lower BTU score. Don’t let that fool you. In actuality, it’s all about the BTU per square inch or heat flux.

You calculate the heat flux by dividing the total BTU by the main cooking grate (minus the warming rack if any). That should give you a more accurate score on how hot a gas grill can get. A good heat flux range is usually from 80 to 100.

However, heat flux isn’t still the perfect measurement. More accurate? Sure. But perfect? Not even close. That’s because there are many variables affecting the amount of heat generated on the cooking grate.

It could be the proximity between the burners and the cooking grate. Or are there any extra materials in between the burners and the grate? Or whether or not you’re using liquid propane or natural gas.

Liquid propane produces more heat than natural gas. But for less than $200, you rarely find any natural gas grill. So that’s one less variable to worry about.

Numbers Of Burner

The more burners, the better. However, as I mentioned earlier, you can only find a maximum of 3 burners for our price range.

But that should be flexible enough for you to cook. For example, just turn on only one burner to create a direct indirect heat two zone cooking. You can roast on the indirect side and hot sear on the other side.

Or, you can turn on all the burners and have yourself a grilling fest. We’re talking burgers, brats, pork chops and so on.

Also check if the grill has an extra side burner. This will come in handy when you need to prepare smaller dishes while waiting for the main ones to finish in the grill. No more unnecessary trips to the kitchen. You’ve got everything right here in one place.

Grill Flavorizer Bars

You also need to check if your burners come with flavorizer bars. These bars usually sit on top of the burners. They have a V shape and come in different materials, from stainless steel to porcelain enamel.

They’re there not only to protect the burners, but also to prevent flare-ups. They tend to get dirty quickly because of all the drippings from above. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly. Avoid oven cleaner or dishwasher to prevent any early rusting or chipping away. Stick to the good ol’ hot soapy water.

Ignition System

There are many ignition systems used in gas grills. For under 200 dollars, you will often find the piezo single spark and the electric continuous spark. 

Piezo is more of a traditional ignition system. It relies on a single spark to light the burners. So it’s slower and less reliable.

On the other hand, the continuous spark system is faster since you generate multiple sparks in one go. The only downside is that you have to use a battery, but that won’t cost much.

We’d recommend the continuous spark system if you can. Otherwise, the piezo system is still fine. You just have to be more patient. If it fails, you can always light the burners manually with a lighter or match.

Grill Lid

A gas grill is better with a lid. This allows you to use the all-around convection heat to cook your food more evenly.

Also make sure that the handle is far away from the lid. That is to prevent burning your hand when you open the lid during cooking.

Grill Grate

This is one of the most important parts of a grill. It gets abused from all the cooking and scraping. Within our budget, there are usually porcelain-coated cast iron and plain steel grates.

Plain steel is more affordable, but it tends to chip away quickly. As a result, it creates these microscopic crevices that make the food stick to the grate. Avoid this type of material if you can.

The better option is porcelain-coated cast iron. It conducts heat well thanks to the inner cast iron. So searing is no problemo. The porcelain coating also makes it easier to clean the grate because food doesn’t stick to it at all.

The one downside is that if you let the porcelain coating break off, that will expose the cast iron to rusting eventually.


For under $200, you will obviously have less quality choices. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle with an inferior product. Grilling is supposed to be fun and sociable, not a cooking chore.

For the best gas grill under $200, we would highly recommend the Chargriller E3072. It’s large enough for a family of four. If you want extra cooking space for a party, the grill does feature an extra secondary rack. It also has a side burner that allows you to cook many dishes all at once. With a heat flux of 93, the grill is hot and powerful to ensure all the foods are cooked properly.

If you want a more portable option, then we would have to tip our hat to the Weber Q1000. This is a durable grill thanks to the cast aluminum. Even for less than 200 dollars, it has all the high-quality parts that are only available in higher-priced models. And best of all, the grill is backed by Weber’s awesome customer service and warranty.

So, which one are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comment below.

Happy grilling.

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