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If you want the best gas grill for your backyard, be prepared to spend a few thousands of dollars. With that price range, you can certainly get 4 to 5 burners with an ample amount of cooking space, not to mention durable and long-lasting parts. The grill will also come with all the extra bells and whistles that you might not even use.

However, with less than 1000 dollars, you might not get all of the above. Still, most models in this price range are well-built. They’re also packed with premium features that are suitable for most of your outdoor cooking.

You can expect high quality of construction that is guaranteed to last. You might not be able to feed a local football team, but the cooking space is still large enough to handle any type of backyard gathering. You also find extra storage space and other added features that will enhance the whole cooking experience.

So with that in mind, we’ll walk you through some of the best gas grills under $1000 in this article.

Let’s get started.

At A Glance: These Are The Top 5 Best Gas Grills Under $1000

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Some Of The Best Gas Grills Under $1000

Best All-around – Weber Genesis II E-335


  • Dimensions: 59” W x 29”D x 47”H
  • Weight: 181lbs
  • Fuel: liquid propane & natural gas
  • Main Cooking Area: 513 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 156 sq in
  • Total Cooking Area: 669 sq in
  • Number Of Burners: 3
  • BTUs Of The Main Cooking Area: 39000
  • BTUs Of The Sear Burner: 9000
  • Heat Flux: 93
  • BTUs Of The Side Burner: 12000
  • Ignition: continuous spark
  • Side Shelves: yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


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The Weber Genesis II E-335 features a decent main cooking area of 513 sq in. You can fit about 20 burgers all at once. If you need more space, the grill has a secondary warming rack of 156 sq in. This rack is foldable just in case you want extra room to cook the big bird for Thanksgiving.

The cooking grate is made of porcelain-coated cast iron. It conducts heat well thanks to the cast iron so searing is no problem here. The porcelain coating is there to prevent food from sticking and make it easy to clean the grate after.

Underneath the cooking grate, there are the three stainless steel burners with a total BTU of 39000. Not too powerful compared to other grills on this list, but strong enough to get some serious grilling done. The E-335 also has a sear burner in between the two main ones, so that’s some extra BTU if you need it.

To protect the burners, Weber includes flavorizer bars to catch the fat from above. They also turn the drippings into smoke, which adds flavor back into the food. Another thing we really like about these bars is that they have a small window on one end. This allows you to check if the burners are lit. It also comes in handy when you need to manually light the burners with a lighter or match.

Speaking of, the E-335 features a continuous spark ignitor. It’s way better and faster than the traditional single-spark piezo. However, you do need a battery in order for it to work.

The body of this grill is made of cast aluminium, so it won’t rust away like other cheaper grills on the market. It also has two side shelves with integrated tool hooks for prepping your food and hanging other BBQ accessories. On one side shelf, there is an extra side burner for you to cook other side dishes while waiting for the main grilling course to finish. There is also a storage cabinet underneath the cook box with a closed door design.

Available in both liquid propane and natural gas, the Weber E-335 has everything you need in a gas grill for under $1000. Well-constructed and large enough to handle a small party to a big cookout. With the trusty Weber name behind it and a solid 10-year warranty, what more could you ask for? Check it out today via the link below.


Best Alternative – Weber Genesis II E-310


  • Dimensions: 59” W x 29”D x 47”H
  • Weight: 161lbs
  • Fuel: liquid propane & natural gas
  • Main Cooking Area: 513 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 156 sq in
  • Total Cooking Area: 669 sq in
  • Number Of Burners: 3
  • BTUs Of The Main Cooking Area: 39000
  • Heat Flux: 76
  • Ignition: continuous spark
  • Side Shelves: yes
  • Warranty: 10 years


The Weber Genesis II E-310 is a more basic version of the E-335 above. It has everything that the E-335 has, except for the extra burners (side and sear) and the closed door design for the cabinet below the fire box.

The E-310 still features a solid cast aluminium body that can withstand the elements, especially if you live somewhere humid or close to the ocean. It’s available in both liquid propane and natural gas. The grill has two big wheels and two locking casters so you can dock or move it around with ease.

There is a fuel gauge for the propane tank. That lets you know when to refill. Better yet, you can even monitor it from the iGrill 3 app. Speaking of, this grill is also iGrill 3-compatible. You can easily attach the thermometer to one of the side shelves. Unfortunately, the iGrill 3 doesn’t come included so you have to buy it separately.

We’ve decided to include the Weber E-310 for those of you who want a solid grill similar to the E-335, but without all the bells and whistles. Besides, the E-310 is a few hundreds dollars less expensive than the E-335. You can use that money to buy other accessories such as a decent grill cover or a smoker box for gas grill.

Seriously, the E-310 isn’t bad at all. It performs as well as the E-335, but at a cheaper price tag. For more information about the E-310, click the green button.


Runner-up – Napoleon Rogue XT 425 RXT425NSS-1


  • Dimensions: 51” W x 25”D x 48.5”H
  • Weight: 134lbs
  • Fuel: liquid propane & natural gas
  • Main Cooking Area: 425 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 146 sq in
  • Total Cooking Area: 571 sq in
  • Number Of Burners: 3
  • BTUs Of The Main Cooking Area: 42000
  • Heat Flux: 98
  • BTUs Of The Side Infrared Sear Burner: 9000
  • Ignition: flame thrower
  • Side Shelves: yes, folding
  • Warranty: 15 years


YouTube video

Our first impression of the Napoleon Rogue XT 425 is the side infrared sear burner. With its 9000 BTU and radiant heat, it’s capable of giving your steaks one hell of a sear. Combined with the famous Napoleon wavy cooking grid, it might just be the best looking sear you’ve ever seen in your life.

This grill has three primary burners that produce about 42000 BTU in total. With 425 sq in of the main cooking grate, the Napoleon grill has a heat flux of 98, which is a really decent number. There is no doubt that this grill is the hottest among all the grills here.

Another thing we like about this grill is the ignition system. It uses a flamethrower ignitor, which is quicker and more reliable than the single and continuous spark system. Besides, you don’t need to use any battery at all. The turning knobs feature a smooth grip with a robust shape and design. That really makes it easy to grab on and control.

Similar to the Weber E-335, the Napoleon Rogue has a durable cast aluminum firebox, which means rust-resistant and long lasting. It also comes with a closed cart for storing the propane tank. Inside the cart, you will find a stability ring that the tank sits on. It’s here to secure the tank when you move the grill. It too positions the tank in one place, leaving room for you to store other BBQ-related stuff.

The Rogue XT 425 also features two side shelves with tool hooks. They’re foldable so you can easily reduce the footprint of the grill in case you want to use it on a small balcony.

Available in black and stainless steel color, this grill does come with a more basic version without the side sear burner. Regardless of which version you choose, the warranty for the whole shebang is 15 years. Pretty decent, we might add. 

If you want to see more pictures of this grill, the link below will lead you to them.


Best Small Footprint – Fuego Professional F24C


  • Dimensions: 24” W x 24”D x 56”H
  • Weight: 90lbs
  • Fuel: liquid propane & natural gas
  • Main Cooking Area: 415 sq in
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 110 sq in
  • Total Cooking Area: 525 sq in
  • Number Of Burners: 2
  • BTUs Of The Main Cooking Area: 26500
  • Heat Flux: 64
  • Ignition: continuous spark
  • Side Shelves: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year on the entire grill, limited 3-year on the burners


What we first noticed about the Fuego Professional is that this grill sort of looks like a darker and skinner version of R2-D2 from Star Wars. So if you happen to be a Star Wars fan, the Fuego might be the one for you.

It’s very quick and easy to put this grill together. All you need is a boxcutter and a Phillips screwdriver to get started. And it takes approximately 30 minutes to finish the job.

One thing that stands out is the grill’s footprint. It doesn’t have a lot of width, yet is a really tall grill. That’s perfect if you have a limited backyard or live in an apartment with a small balcony. 

But don’t let the footprint fool you. The Fuego F24C is capable of cooking around 20 burgers or several beer can chickens all at once. It has a primary cooking grid of 415 sq in. If you need more space, there is an additional warming rack of 110 sq in.

The lid is hinged at a 45 degrees angle. This is a neat feature because you don’t have to reach across a hot cooking grate. It’s really useful if you’re a short person. Keep in mind that this grill is really tall and upright. Speaking of cooking grate, it is porcelain-enamelled cast iron, making it easy to clean and great for even heat distribution.

Underneath the grate are the dual-zone burners. You can create an indirect heat cooking zone by only turning on the outside burner. Then, place your food in the middle, close the lid to create all-around convection heat, and start cooking. Or, you can just turn all the burners on for hot and direct heat. It’s good for searing steaks, grilling veggies, and other types of meat.

The Fuego F24C features 4 lockable industrial casters. That allows you to roll it anywhere you want. The grill is also lightweight, around 90lbs, compared to other grills on this list. So, it doesn’t require two people to move.

There is no extra storage space or side shelves since this grill is designed for small space. But Fuego does sell separate side shelves if you’re interested. To check out this R2-D2 looking grill, simply click the button below and it will direct you to the right place.


Best Portable – Everdure FORCE By Heston Blumenthal


  • Dimensions: 48” W x 20.4”D x 42”H
  • Colors: graphite, mint, orange, red, stone
  • Fuel: liquid propane & natural gas
  • Main Cooking Area: 388 sq in
  • Number Of Burners: 2
  • BTUs Of The Main Cooking Area: 22000
  • Heat Flux: 57
  • Ignition: single spark
  • Side Shelves: yes
  • Warranty: 10 years for body, burners, lid and cart; 5 years for exterior paint and finish


YouTube video

The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal product line is fairly new to the North American market. It’s an Australian-based company that partners with Michellin Star chef Heston Blumenthal to create grills that are sleek, minimalist looking yet efficient at the same time.

The Everdure FORCE is one of them. It has two burners with a total BTU of 22000. And it only has one main cooking grate of 388 sq in, which is enough to cook around 18 burgers. 

One cool thing about the cooking grate is that it has integrated flame tamers that cover the shape of the burners below. This means that there will be less material in between the burners and the grate. It also means that the grill will heat up really fast. In fact, Everydure claims that the grill can be ready in just 5 minutes from the first ignition.

Another great thing about the Everdure FORCE is the cast aluminum body and lid. This material is not only durable and lightweight, but also great for heat retention. The lid is also available in 5 different colors, allowing you to mix and match with the rest of your outdoor space.

Here comes the best part. You can actually remove the grill head away from the freestanding cart that comes with it. Weighing only 60lbs, the head can fit perfectly in the back of a pickup truck, which means you can bring the grill to any pre-game tailgating party. It doesn’t have to stop in your backyard.

For extra storage, the FORCE has two foldable side shelves and two levels of stand below the firebox. There is a cutout for the propane tank on the left side. Everdure actually includes a bag to protect the tank and a strap to secure it when moving the whole grill.

You can also convert the propane version to a natural gas one if you want. Just have to buy a conversion kit for it. There is another 3 burners version called the FURNACE in case you want more power and extra cooking space. 

All in all, this grill from Everdure is definitely worth checking out. If you dig its style, have a look at it here.


What To Look For In The Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars

Natural Gas Vs Liquid Propane

When it comes to gas grills, there are liquid propane and natural gas. We get propane from those 20-lb tanks available at the local hardware store. When a tank runs out, we just have to refill or exchange for a new one.

On the other hand, we get natural gas from the gas line in our house. In order to use it, we need to buy a conversion kit and have a licensed contractor install it.

The cost of using liquid propane will add up over time. You also need to have a backup tank in case the current one runs out mid-cook. With natural gas, it’s cheaper because it’s included in your monthly utility bill. And as long as you pay the bill, it will never run out.

If you decide to stick with liquid propane, look for a grill that provides easy access to the tank. It’s usually inside a cabinet below the firebox or on the side. It shouldn’t be at the back. That would be a pain in the rear to reach across a hot grill to turn off the valve.

If you want to try natural gas instead, don’t forget to consider the extra cost for the conversion kit. You also have to pay the contractor to install it as well. So those are the things to keep in mind.

Heat Output

How hot a grill can get is another important factor to consider. After all, we use heat to cook our food. The more power or heat output a grill produces, the more efficient it performs.

Many people use the British Thermal Unit (or BTU) to tell how hot a grill can get. It’s a good starting point, but can often be misleading. What we should know is that BTU is a measurement of how much gas a burner uses. It’s not telling us the amount of heat a burner generates. A bigger grill with a higher BTU count doesn’t necessarily get hotter than a smaller grill with a smaller BTU number.

A better measurement is the BTU per square inch or heat flux. You get this number by dividing the overall BTU by the grill’s main cooking grate. From here, you can tell how much energy there is per square inch across the grate. 

The typical heat flux is around 85. The higher, the better. That being said, some newer grills might have a low heat flux score, but they come with more superior features, such as a tightly-sealed lid, which help retain heat better. Therefore, they generally get hotter than the older grills.

All in all, heat flux still isn’t the perfect measurement to tell how hot the grill can get. That really depends on many variables. But it’s better than relying on the BTU rating only.

Solid Construction

We’d recommend grills that are made from stainless steel or cast aluminum. These materials can withstand the elements well and are less prone to rusting.

You might want to invest in a good grill cover since the grill will be left outside most of the time. A grill cover will certainly extend the life of the grill.

You’d also want to check the grill construction. Avoid any sharp edges and corners. Grills with welded joints are always better.

In addition to that, make sure that the grill is stable. That is to prevent tipping during use and for general safety.

Cooking Space

Ask yourself how many people you’re planning to feed. Trust us, you don’t want a small grill to feed a family reunion. It’s not easy to flip the food, you overcrowd the cooking grate, and nothing gets cooked properly.

Always go one size up if you have to. Also look for an extra warming rack or a secondary grate. Even better if they’re removable. You might need the extra room for the turkey during the holiday season.


The size of the cooking space usually correlates with the footprint of the grill, not to mention the extra side shelves and whatnot. If you have a limited space, such as an apartment’s balcony, you might want to consider an upright grill. Or folding side shelves if the grill has those.


Grills generally last longer if you store them indoors. So portability is something you might want to consider.

Look for sturdy wheels and/or casters at all four corners. Keep in mind that wheels with a full axle are better than the ones bolted separately to the grill’s body. Casters should be lockable, just in case you want the grill to be stationary.

Most grills tend to weigh over 100lbs so a handle to maneuver would be nice. Speaking of weight, you might want to check if you need your spouse or children to help move the grill.

Ignition System

There are many types of ignition system used in gas grills. The most common one is the single spark piezo ignitor. You will usually find it in low-priced grills. For less than $1000, you will encounter the continuous spark system more often than the piezo.

This continuous spark system is better because it’s more reliable and quicker than the other one. It comes with a push button paired with turning the knobs. Some grills even integrate everything into one knob-turning motion.


You would want to have a tight-fitting lid. That prevents the heat from escaping, improving the efficiency of the grill. Certain grills come with a double-walled lid, which is really beneficial during the wintertime.

Also ensure that the lid is spacious enough with plenty of headroom. This is for cooking turkey or beer can chicken.

Check the handle as well. It should be cool to the touch when the grill is hot.

Quality Cooking Grates

When it comes to cooking grates, there is stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel grates are less prone to rust than cast iron. However, they won’t heat well so you sometimes can’t get those beautiful sear marks. Stainless steel grates are also easier to clean than cast iron. And you don’t have to do much seasoning with stainless steel at all.

That being said, the best cooking grate to get to porcelain-coated cast iron. It not only has the superior heat conduction capability of cast iron, but the porcelain coating also makes it easy to clean the grate. Just make sure that you don’t drop it or the porcelain will break, exposing the cast iron to rust and corrosion.

Avoid cheap and flimsy grates. They’re not worth it.

Numbers Of Burner

For less than 1000 dollars, 3 burners are usually the norm. You would want multiple burners because you can do so much with them. You can create a two zone fire to roast your food. Or turn them all on to grill hot n fast.

You might even want to have a side burner. This feature gives you the option of cooking other side dishes while you wait for the main course to finish in the grill. Some side burners can also act as a sear burner.

Flavorizer Bars

Flare-ups are unavoidable in grilling. But sometimes, you want to protect your burners from fat drippings. It also makes it easier for you to clean the burners later. That’s why you need to look for flavorizer bars.

They’re these tent-shaped bars that sit on top of the burners. Besides protecting the burners, they also deflect heat for a better distribution across the cooking grate. Furthermore, they turn fat drippings into smoke, which imparts the flavor right back into the food.

They’re great accessories to have. Don’t skip them.

Extra Storage Space

Most grills come with side shelves for extra prepping area. They also come with hooks so you can hang your tools there. Some grills even have a storage cabinet underneath the cook box for condiments, towels, or anything that you might need.

Added Features

Look for a fuel gauge if you go with liquid propane. That allows you to keep track of your fuel. So you know when you need to exchange for a new one.

We’d recommend an easy cleanup system such as a pull-out grease tray and disposable grease pans. Cleaning up is the part that nobody wants to do. So, if the grill makes it quick and convenient for you, that’s a bonus.


A good measure of how confident a manufacturer feels about their product is the warranty. A typical one is around 5 to 10 years. Some companies even offer one longer than that.


We hope you find this buying guide useful. For the best gas grill under $1000, we would highly recommend the Weber Genesis II E-335. The grill has all the features that you need for any type of backyard cookout. It’s also backed by Weber’s solid warranty and around the clock customer service.

If you have questions about any of the grills in this article, please feel free to let us know down below.

Have a good one!

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