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BBQ 101

BBQ concepts & techniques, from the Texas Crutch to 3-2-1 method. Also comparisons between different cooking styles, fuels, and more.

Burgers and french fires


A variety of different grilling & smoking recipes, from beef, pork, poultry to even deserts. Learn each one through detailed instructions plus tips & tricks.

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Grills & Smokers

Comprehensive guides to pick the right grill and/or smoker for you and your family. From portable grills to medium-sized smokers to large grill/smoker combos.

Chimney starter, BBQ gloves, thermometer and many more grilling accessories


Everything you need to know about choosing thermometer, charcoal, BBQ utensils, and more. Each article shows you what to look for and what to avoid.

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The Mission

My name is Thinh Phan and welcome to BBQ In Progress. This blog is dedicated to helping YOU learn to grill & smoke better food from the comfort of your backyard.